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Sometimes we need to fetch some Maven central information from the command line. Like, latest version, all recent versions for a particular artifact, and so on. This is particularly useful for automated builds and various reports.

We were not aware of this, and actually got positively surprised, but Maven Central (more specifically provides a good range of APIs to search things in their servers. 😮 After all, I think it's time to stop blaming Sonatype OSS and its ecosystem for good now… 🙈

We will use neow3j project as an example in this article. 🤔

Also, make sure you…

Ok, imagine that you use Mac and want to create virtual machines (not containers!) in a Linux server. But, aren't you tired to do that manually, over the command line (a.k.a., SSH)?

Well, maybe not… or maybe yes... 🤔 😃

After years of typing commands in virsh I've got to the conclusion that I'm kind of too old for that 😅.

The question is: what's the alternative if you use MacOS? Is it possible to execute virt-manager in MacOS without relying on the ported version? If yes, how?

That's when I discovered the power of XQuartz project. 👏 🚀


In the omnisharp-vscode wiki, it says:

When you install the C# extension for the first time it will try to download its dependencies. It needs to do this because the C# extension uses a number of platform-dependent files. So the extension itself contains the platform-neutral bits, and it will download the platform-specific bits on first use.

But… what if you would like to pre-install all dependencies of omnisharp vscode extension?

Well, this simple task demonstrated to not be as easy as it seems.

So, I came up with a Dockerfile which does that for you:

FROM node:12.20.0-stretch as omnisharp-offline

RUN git…


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